Melburners Inc supports empowering creativity and connection within the Victorian Burner community. Community inclusion and engagement is at the core of what we do, and we’ll use this space to showcase some of our talented community members and ways to get involved in the broader Burner community. Our community is doing amazing work in Victoria and beyond, and we want to highlight some of these awesome efforts.


If you would like your event featured on this page please email info@melburners.org.au with details.


Melburners facilitates the growth and empowerment of a vibrant, expressive and artistic burner community in Victoria. This includes the provision of grants to individuals, artists, theme camps and collectives. These grants are available year-round. There are three types of grants available to Victorians: Major Events Grant, Initiatives Grant, and Education and Empowerment Grant. 

1 – Major Events Grant

Up to $2,000 is available to subsidise costs associated with delivering art and theme camps to any official Burn within Australia, or an event recognised by Melburners.

2 – Initiatives Grant

Up to $2,000 is available to subsidise costs associated with delivering projects, art, and other initiatives that further the Burner ethos and align with the Melburners Vision.

3 – Education and Empowerment Grant

Up to $500 is available to subsidise costs associated with delivering educational experiences and initiatives, such as workshops or skill sharing, that further the Burner ethos and align with the Melburners Vision. 

Grant guidelines

Who do we fund?

Melburners funds art, and theme camp and community-led initiatives aligned with Melburners’ vision. This includes:

  • Materials, including limited tools
  • Renting necessary facilities or equipment for a limited duration
  • Subsidised transportation – capped at $150 for Melbourne events or location specific
  • Limited tools
Who do we not fund?

Melburners does NOT directly fund:

  • Storage, long term rent
  • labour, wages
  • Equipment for DJing or amplifying music

We provide these grants to Victorian individuals or groups where Victorian residents make up the majority.

If you don’t live in Victoria, reach out to your Burning Man regional contacts by emailing australia@burningman.org to determine what type of funding may be available in your state.

How are applications assessed?

Grant applications are assessed on multiple criteria, including:

  • Specificity on what the grant will deliver
  • Interactivity
  • Wow factor
  • Ingenuity/Originality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Achievability
  • Overall scope/plan
  • Safety
  • Alignment to Melburners Vision
  • Selected against other projects to create diverse programs of art
Artist/Theme Camp responsibilities:
  • If you are delivering your initiative at an event, it is your responsibility to work with the event you are attending to ensure your project is approved for delivery at their event. Melburners cannot facilitate the acquisition of tickets at events, or approval for your project to be delivered.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure artwork and infrastructure meets all safety requirements.
  • It is your responsibility to have a Leave No Trace plan and any negative feedback from events may result in being unsuccessful in the future.
  • It is your responsibility to have a Sustainability plan.
Budget allocation:

Melburners may fund a small part, some or all of your project. The amount awarded to you may be dependant upon annual budgeting allocation constraints and demand throughout the year.


Melburners is involved in 2 key activities: Raising and distributing funds for Victorian Burner projects, and hosting and helping Burner related events.

Having a dedicated and central space to promote these events gives an extra platform to our community so you don’t have to go hunting through your social media like a tall, hairless bloodhound itching for a party.

Make sure you come back and check in regularly to see what your neighbourhood Burners are up to! You can also sign up to our mailing list for deeper insights into Melburners, or head over here to become a member!

Upcoming events

Melburners Annual General Meeting

We welcome all members new and old and the burner community at large to join the Melburners Committee for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this July. This will be an opportunity to review our annual report and financial statement ( financial year April 2021-March 2022), as well as talk about the successes of the Melburners annual event Melburn Wonderland which took place in May. We’ll also be voting in a new committee.

Thurs 7th July
Kepler’s Yard

6.30pm – 8.30pm

2 Arthurton Rd, Northcote VIC 3070

Burning Park / Burning Pub

Monthy Burner catchup on the third Thursday of every month. If the weather is good it’ll take place in the park, if the weather is bad it’ll be in the pub! Keep an eye on Facebook for details. 

3rd Thursday of every month

Retreat Hotel, Brunswick

Community Links

Australia and New Zealand Regional Burns & Organisations

BOSS – Burners of Sydney and Surrounds

Burning Seed

Red Earth City, Matong State Forest, NSW; Sydney & Melbourne regional; Sept/Oct Labour Day Weekend (NSW)


Queensland and Northern NSW Regional; July

Blazing Swan

Western Australia Regional; March/April Easter Weekend


New Zealand Regional; October

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International disaster relief & community initiatives

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The 10 guiding principles of Burning Man culture

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